Saturday, September 18, 2010

Triumph of the Holy Cross

We adore thee, O Christ, we bless thee,
for by thy cross thou hast redeeemed the world.

After reading The Tale of Three Trees we made our hand Cross for the schoolroom.


Erin said...

I love your tabs along the top of your blog - how did you do that? The Liturgical Year one is great... I have a calendar printed w/ ideas jotted on it, but keeping it online is so much easier to refer to for future years to remember what you've done in the past! It looks like we have both found several of the same ideas for celebrating various feasts. I love being able to share ideas like this... I used the Devotional Stories for Little Folks book along with the ABC virtue picture for letter A last week (which I read about somewhere on your blog, I know!), and Caroline absolutely loved it - she wants to read the whole Devotional Stories book all at once now!

Tiny Actions said...

They added a gadget to add pages to your blog. I did not have to mess around with the html of my blog (I did that once and nearly lost my entire blog). I also have a liturgical notebook as well, but my kiddos also like seeing their pictures from years past to see how we celebrated a feast day. Princess does enjoy the devotional stories a lot. I think chc sells a second book as well.