Saturday, September 18, 2010

Aa Week

Aa is For Angels, Saint Anne, and Apples

Big Boy's work.
Do-A-Dot ABC's Book

Princess' copywork.

The Children's Book of Heroes

This book is filled with wonderful stories that lend themselves naturally to narrations. I will be using stories from this book to supplement our journey down the alphabet path this year. For Aa week we read and narrated Angels and How the Animals Got Sunshine.

The Apple Doll
With apple dolls of our own. Directions are provided in the back of the book.

We also studied the life cycle of an apple tree using montessori for everyone's 3 part cards.
Angel in the Waters
3 in 1: A Picture of God
Pascual and the Kitchen Angels
After reading Pascual and the Kitchen Angels the kids decided to raid our pantry to donate food to the poor. Gotta love how quality literature inspires.
If the weather improves, we will try to head out to the Apple Orchard today for a field trip. One of the perks I love about homeschooling!


Erin said...

I love the Do-a-Dot letter A - what a neat idea! We have some Do-a-Dots and might have to do that as well!

I just saw that Book of Heroes at a consignment sale for $4 yesterday... maybe I will go back and get it if it is a good one to have!

It looks like you guys had a great A week - thanks for sharing!!

Gardenia said...

what a wonderful A week. I read this morning on catholic Icing about Tomie de paola's kitchen angels. there is an axample of a mobile to make out of the angels. thanks for sharing your A week.

Tiny Actions said...

My kids do like the Book of Heroes. The stories and illustrations are wonderful...well worth it. Big Boy loves the do a dot art. We got that as a gift not too long ago and figured it would be a gentle way for him to do "school" when he wants to join in.

Tiny Actions said...

Thanks for the heads up about the printable kitchen angels. My kiddos love any and all things Tomie DePaola. They will be so excited.