Friday, September 10, 2010

2010-2011 School Plans

This year will be filled with a year of focusing on the basics of reading, writing, math, and religion.

For phonics instruction we'll continue using Explode the code workbooks with Little Stories for Little Folks. Princess enjoys this very much.

For writing we'll continue with Handwriting Without Tears and copywork. I didn't make a ton of prewritten copywork sheets, because I would like Princess to advace from copying the dots to actual copying of the words and eventually sentences. Hopefully over the year she'll feel comfortable with writing more and more.

For Math we're trying Math U See Alpha. I hope the manipulative based program will be enjoyed by all.

For Religion we'll continue with our Liturgical Year plans. Twice a week, we'll work on My First Catechism and read the coordinating stories from Angel Food For Boys and Girls using this chart.

After much thought I decided to have Princess with Big Boy tagging along walk the Alphabet Path again. For Princess we'll beef it up with narrations and focus on animals and their habitats this year. I will keep track of our weeks under the Alphabet Path tab. When we get to Hh week I'll introduce our history study. For first grade we'll be using Mary Daly's First Timeline coordinated each week with various picture books from this list. We'll cover one historical figure each week. I figure it will probably spill over into next year to finish it up.

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