Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cc Week

Cc is for Saint Cecilia, Compassion, Church, Corduroy, Curious, Chocolate, and Coral Reefs
Big Boy's copywork using Do-A-Dot ABC's, Numbers & Shapes
Cc is for Compassion
Princess' copywork and compassion color sheet.

Cc is for Church
After reading A Peek into My Church we took a tour of our chuch and drew what we see in our own church. We also read The Clown of God

Cc is for Corduroy and Curious
Especially for Big Boy we read Corduroy and completed components from homeschoolshare's lapbook.

Cc is for Chocolate...Yummy!!!
Our Reading basket included...Mercedes and the Chocolate Pilot
How Is Chocolate Made?
Cocoa Ice
The M&M's Brand Counting Book
The M & M's Subtraction Book
And completed homeschoolshare's chocolate lapbook. Lastly, we baked chocolate chip cookies.

Cc is for Coral Reefs
Over in the Ocean: In a Coral Reef
Underwater Counting: Even Numbers
Old Shell, New Shell

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Feast of Saint Francis

We started the day by reading
The Song of Francis.
And created our own Saint Francis and the Doves book.
This idea came from

And then we headed outside and made our own pinecone birdfeeders. The kids had so much fun as you can see from their faces!

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Month of the Rosary

Month of the Rosary

The dedication for this month is to the Most Holy Rosary. Many people do not understand the power of praying the rosary and asking Mama Mary's assistance in asking her son for help. Even as a craddle catholic, it was a strange concept to understand at first, but now these simple prayers linked together make one powerful prayer to heaven.

As some of you know my husband and I lived many years with the cross of infertility. Those years were especially difficult emotionally. I found great support online from a group of catholic women. In October 2003, the women banded together to start a 54 day novena rosary prayer. Both my husband and I prayed every evening for everyone's intentions on the list. The peace we both felt was a gift that only God could grant. As the novena concluded, many women became pregnant, adoptions went through, and many other countless prayers were answered. All in all, 15 babies were born from that miraculous novena...including Princess. Never forget the power of Our Mother. She is a powerful intercessor for all.

How we plan to celebrate

We are discussing one mystery in depth per day using Discovery the Rosary Mysteries.

Both Big Boy and Princess are using these cards.

And Princess is making her own rosary book using these coloring pages.

And lastly, each day we are praying the rosary. The kiddos seem to do much better with praying a decade a day.