Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lent 2012

Stations of the Cross Boxes
We've had these for many years and the kids really do enjoy them.
Portable Stations of the Cross
We made these using the cards from the Stations of the Cross Box and Popsicle sticks. We put them around the room or if the weather is nice--outside and pray the stations of the cross.

In years past we've had one calender for the whole family, but this year the two olders wanted their own calendar. Each kiddo has their own file folder to keep track of their Lenten Calendar, Sacrifice cross and decorated back cover with Stations of the Cross stickers from the Dollar Store.
Sacrifice beans
Burying the Alleluia

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Daybook March 5th, 2012

Outside my window...Snow. Need I say more? Most winters, I'm done with the snow by this time, but not this year. The kids were so excited to see the fluffy white stuff that resembled feathers (according to Princess) falling from the sky. It wasn't too soon after I snapped the above picture, I came downstairs to the kids all dressed in snow pants ready for some outdoor fun.

I am thinking about...How much happier I am since we're unloading and de-cluttering. I really need to stay focused on living simply and not simply living around so much stuff.

I am thankful for...
All the good listeners in my life. Truly all of you are quite gems. I hope I can be as good of a listener, too.

From the schoolroom...
We just finished up a little trip to Hawaii on our couch. I hope to post soon about our adventures. Now we are hopping in the time machine destined for Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.

Living the Liturgical Year...Still full force with the 40 Bag Challenge. We are also doing a few other activities. I hope to blog about them later this week.

I am wearing...Jeans and a black sweater. Comfy and warm clothes for this time of the year.

I am reading...The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. Halfway through the book, and, WOW, what a read! Makes me ask lots of questions about scientific ethics and the value of human life.

I am wondering...If Princess needs a formal headpiece for her first communion or not. Perhaps a simple white headband and bow might be okay. Any thoughts???

I am praying for...All those who have asked for prayers. I've added the Divine Mercy Chaplet to my prayer list.

For the sake of His sorrowful passion,

Have mercy on us and on the whole world...

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saint Valentine's Day

Happy Saint Valentine's Day

Oh how Little Bear could not wait to have a taste of the strawberry pink cake she helped to bake.

Sensory Bin Fun

Sorting by color with tweezers and basic math for Big Boy.
Small gifts of Valentine socks and fun winter hats. I only wish they made a hat my size!