Liturgical Year

Monthly Dedication--Our Lady of Sorrows

  •  7 Sorrows of Mary 3 part cards
September 8th--Feast of the Birth of Mary

  • Make cake and sing Happy Birthday to Mary
September 14th--Triumph of the Holy Cross

September 21st--First day of Fall

  • Read the Windy Day
September 29th--Feast of the Archangels

  • Listen to Guardian Angel Song
  • Read about Wupsy the Treasure Box Books
  • Make Guardian Angel Necklaces
Monthly Dedication--The Most Holy Rosary
October 1st--St. Therese of Lisieux

  • Read Treasure Box Books 1-6
  • Make sacrifice beads
October 4th--St. Francis of Assisi

October 12th--Columbus Day

Monthly Dedication--The Holy Souls

  • Learn All Souls in Purgatory Prayer
November 1st--All Saints Day

November 2nd--All Souls Day

November 21st--Solemnity of Christ The King
November 22nd--St. Cecilia

November 25th--Thanksgiving


November 28th-December 25th

Jesse Tree Bible Study

Jesse Tree Tea


Dedication--The Divine Infant

December 6th--St. Nicholas

  • Read St. Nicholas Books

  • Celebrate St. Nicholas Day

December 8th--Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary
December 12th--OL of Guadalupe

  • Read OL of Guadalupe by Tomie Depaola

  • Make Juan Diego flower craft

December 13th--St. Lucy

December 17th-December 25th--O Antiphons

  • Antiphon House
  • 2009
December 21st--First Day of Winter

December 24th--Christmas Eve

December 25th--Christmas Day
December 26th--Holy Family

December 28th--Feast of the Holy Innocents
December 31st--New Year's Eve

Dedication--The Holy Name

January 1st--Mary Mother of God

  • Read Mary: The Mother of Jesus by Tomie Depaola
January 9th--Feast of the Baptism of the Lord

  •  Read the Baptism of Jesus page 113
  • Pick something from here
January 21st-- Feast of OL of Altagracia

January 22nd--Roe vrs Wade anniversary

  • Read Horton Hears a Who
  • Read Angel in the Water
  • Donate Baby items to crisis pregnancy center
  • 2010
January 25th--Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul


Dedication--The Passion of Our Lord
  • Stations of the Cross 3 part cards
February 2nd--Candelamas

February 11th--OL of Lourdes
  • Watch Bernadette DVD

February 14th--St. Valentines

• Read Saint Valentine

February 21st--President's Day


March 8th--Shrove Tuesday

• Make Mardi Gras Masks

• King Cake

March 9th--Ash Wednesday

• Bury the Alleluia
Jesus Tree Bible Study

Lenten Calendar
Lenten Cleaning

40 Bag Challenge
Lenten Teas

April 17th--Palm Sunday

April 21st--Holy Thursday

April 22nd--Good Friday
April 23rd--Holy Saturday
April 24th--Easter

A Joyous Easter Tea

April 24th-June 11th

Garden of the Good Shepherd Bible Study

Dedication--St. Joseph
  • St. Joseph 3 part cards
March 17th--St. Patrick
March 19th--St. Joseph
March 20th--First Day of Spring
March 25th--The Annunciation
Dedication--The Holy Eucharist

Dedication--Our Lady

May 1st--Divine Mercy Sunday

May 13th--OL of Fatima

May 31st--Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Dedication--The Sacred Heart

June 2nd--The Ascension of the Lord
June 12th--Pentecost Sunday
June 19th--Feast of the Most Holy Trinity
June 21st--First Day of Summer
June 26th--The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ