Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Butterfly

Before Princess #2 was born, to help Princess #1 and Prince understand when the baby would come and the whole abstract concept of transformations, we purchased a live butterfly garden.

The kiddos were so excited to see what would happen to the three caterpillars. Everyday, sometimes several times a day, we checked to see the progress of the very hungry caterpillars.

Along with the observation of the caterpillars we read several books about caterpillars. The one that was the biggest hit was The Butterfly. The pages are richly decorated with captivating and colorful illustrations. It explained in a simple yet compelling way the life cycle of a caterpillar and butterfly. We read this story several times a day. Princess #1 even started acting out the story--from inching along, munching on leaves, to sitting very still in a chrysalis, and then emerging as a beautiful butterfly.

What I really liked about the book was that it went on to explain the full life cycle. (Basically, that the new butterfly would go on to lay eggs and more caterpillars would hatch--thus everything coming full circle so to speak). This helped to launch our butterfly release party so the butterflies could eventually lay eggs around our yard. Thus, we'd have more butterflies to enjoy. I was also concerned my kids wanted to keep the butterflies as a pet, which the instructions on the garden clearly states not to do as the butterflies would not live long. I purchased a flat of flowers and we released the butterflies into the yard. The kids were thrilled to see the butterflies hangout on our flat of flowers for a while before fluttering to freedom.

I would recommend both of these products to be used in conjunction to provide a fun, easy, and educational entertainment. We have also given these as birthday presents to many who have had so much fun as well.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Princess #2 is finally here!

Princess #2 finally made her appearance on Monday June 29th at 1:48pm measuring at 21inches and 8 pounds 11 ounces. Here are a few highlights from her birth...I felt something start happening on Saturday afternoon. I wasn't sure if I had overdone it or if it was the start of labor. After drinking some water, eating, and resting, I decided it would be best if the kiddos went over to my parent's house for the night. On Sunday I woke up and started having pre labor cramping/contractions. They lasted all day and kinda puttered and sputtered through the day. I knew from my first labor to conserve my energy as this was the same slow labor I had with Princess #1. Through out Sunday night my contractions finally started getting stronger and longer, but still spaced apart. So I decided to try to get as much rest as possible. On Monday morning we decided to head out to the hospital, but before heading into the hospital I wanted to stop at an adoration chapel next to the hospital. Dh and I walked in the chapel and morning mass just started. We stayed for mass and during prayers of the faithful we were able to request prayers for a safe and healthy birth. It really was very uplifting to go to mass, receive communion and had a chapel full of people praying for us. After mass my contractions stopped. I told Dh we really should hustle and get to the hospital and thankfully I did. After getting checked in, I was 9cm dilated with my bag of waters simply hanging down! After the doctor broke my water I went straight into transition and that was lovely (NOT!) Transition lasted a longtime and I was very uncomfortable to say the least. I wanted to get into the labor tub, but it was being used by a lady that wound up getting an epidural. I could've really used the labor tub, but oh well. Finally, I had the urge to push and shortly there after Princess #2 was born.