Monday, September 13, 2010

American Girl

What could be more fitting for a newly 6 year old then taking a trip to the American Girl Store? Of course purchasing a Just Like Me Doll! If you've haven't been to a store, the only way to describe it is overwhelmingly delightful. Princess, since she was 2 years old has been salivating over the American Girl magazines when they arrive in the mail. Imagine if you can, all the stuff in the magazines all on display and then some. Add to it glitzy, jewelery store lights and you have every little girl's dream shopping experience. Here are the three choices the employee picked out to look just like Princess. As you can tell in the following picture, she was not too happy about it. Though, to Princess' credit, she was gracious about it. To be honest with you, none of those dolls looked like her at all. And Princess did not want to even take the doll out of the box. This is when I knew we had to find one that worked for her.
We walked over to the otherside of the store and found another one that did have the correct hair and eye color. To which someone was very excited.
Here's the two of them posing together in front of the Lanie display.
Look who's tuckered out after a long day shopping...

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