Friday, March 12, 2010

Vacation Pictures

During Hh week...the few weeks it lasted due to was suggested we plan for a vacation to get away.  I was happy to imagine a happier and healthier time could be in our future so the idea of a family vacation began to sprout.  We decided to go to Wilderness Territory in Wisconsin Dells.  The time was wonderful we got to spend as a family and the memories will be cherished.  This is a picture of the outdoor waterpark.  Great weather, huh?  Inside, however, was a warm 88 degrees and we could care less about what it was like outside!

The older kiddos did try some of the larger waterslides, but enjoyed hanging out at the kiddie waterparks.  Big boy also liked riding the lazy river with Mommy and Baby Bear.  Princess did not like the lazy river one bit and avoided it as much as she could.
One night we decided to try mini-golfing.  Did I mention this resort has everything and one would not need to leave for anything?  All the kids had a blast--even Baby Bear!
The red slide was by far the olders favorite slide in the whole place.  I can't tell you how many times they went down this slide. 

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