Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Along the Alphabet Path Hh

Hh is for Health, Saint Helen, Home, and Honeybees!

The kids recieved a Color Me House for their birthdays from their Auntie.  What a perfect week to pull it out and continue coloring and decorating.
These pictures are from a rainy summer day.  My camera seems to have lost my Hh week pictures :(

Along with Hh week we learned about honeybees.  We lapbooked about honeybees using this lapbook from 

About midway through the week, one by one we began to succumb to one nasty virus bug.  Princess broke out in hives...really bad ones, too.  We aren't sure if it was a virus or if another allergy is rearing it's ugly head.  She'll be tested in a few weeks at the allergist.  Big Boy was next with a double ear infection.  Poor guy!  And then Baby Bear had not only an ear infection, but also developed the croup.  Very scarry to say the least.  We spent lots of time in a hot steamy bathroom several times a day for about a week.  My skin never felt better in January and if I closed my eyes and had sand between my toes, I could imagine myself at a warm beach somewhere other then here.

Originally, I wanted to ease back into school and work on Hh week for two weeks.  It has now turned into three.  Now that we're on the back end of this virus bug, I'm getting into home reorganization.  We went through Princess' room and rearranged a few things.  It was great to be able to work with her to show her the process of how to organize things.  As for my not so small project, I'm turning our dinning room into a schoolroom.  I want to post about this later. 

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mel said...

Oh! I love that house, what a great project that would have been to have here for whipping out during yucky winter weather...I'm going to save this idea for our alphabet path...