Monday, April 26, 2010


Outside My Window...It is sunny and 60 degrees.  This has been one of the most mild and pleasant springs in a long time.  We are soaking the warmth in.  It's been a dark cold winter.

I am thankful family, husband and children--even when things get a bit crazy around here.

I am wearing...jeans, tank and fleece.

I am creating...the rest of the peg doll saints for the Alphabet of Catholic Saints book.  I left off on N and Princess wants them all. 

On my mind...Lessons for next year.  I'm prayerfully discerning what to do for next year.  There's so much out there and it's a matter of keeping it simple.  One definite is to start the Continents and Cultures over at Serendipity.

From the kitchen...Menu plans.  I feel like we've been in survival mode for a while now and need to get a handle on menu planning again. 

Around the Schoolroom...So excited to say that we've decided to turn the dinning room into a schoolroom.  Just been busy organizing everything.  Hope to get a post soon.  We're continuing our journey down the lovely Alphabet Path and am on Tt week.  Big boy is joining in as well. 

A picture worth sharing... Ackkk...I'm still figuring out this whole new computer.  I'm such a techno-phobe and I can't find the picture I want.  Maybe I'll figure it out later.

What's New with Baby Bear...She's now 9 months old.  Eating Cheerios and about a jar of baby food a day.  She's not crawling yet, but is mobile.  She sits and scoots on her bottom.  Now if I could figure out a way to tape a swifter wipe to her bottom, my floors would be spotless.

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mel said...

haha! a swiffer diaper, that's brilliant! Maybe little kneepads too....