Friday, November 13, 2009

It's all about the Baby...

I always felt homeschooling my children was written on my heart by God. However, as we all know God's will is at times difficult to surrender to. During my pregnancy with Baby Bear, I would at times get very overwhelmed at the thought of officially homeschooling Princess. My mind couldn't grasp HOW I could manage baby care, a preschooler, and teaching princess. In my prayers, I would turn the anxiety over to God and pray for a path for me to follow concerning homeschooling. The one thing that kept coming to me after prayers was, "It's all about the Baby."

This past Sunday, Princess and her religious education class, put on a Thanksgiving performance. At the start of the performance all the kids were asked individually what they were thankful for. When it came time for Princess to answer she excitedly answered, "My Sister!" Not only was it a proud mama moment, but more so it solidified my belief that homeschooling Princess this year is the right path to be on.

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Erin said...

How sweet!! What a good big sister she is! :)

Your blog post reminded me of a great little post I came across about babies and homeschooling... I got it off an email list and posted it on my blog because I loved it and thought it was so true... it is called "The Baby *is* the Lesson":