Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Carving Pumpkins or Not!

Our pumpkin plants were eaten by some animal this year so we had not a one. My Dad grew pumpkins this year and actually got three pumpkins out of their plants. He was so kind to give one to each kiddo. What better thing to do with a pumpkin than to carve it, right????

Princess had an absolute meltdown while we were carving the pumpkins. She picked up her pumpkin and ran into her room and refused to let a knife pass through HER pumpkin. When we inquired as to why, she replied, "My pumpkin has magical seeds and cannot be opened." She was very happy when we told her she could decorate her pumpkin and not carve it.

All around it was a fun time even for the princess who wanted to keep her magical pumpkin seeds put!

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