Friday, November 20, 2009

Ff week

Ff week was filled with a few themes. Fire safety, Feelings, and Fairy houses. Here are a few pictures...

We completed this fire safety lapbook. It was a good way to introduce this information to little ones. Highly recommend it.

Big boy was in need of a feelings unit. He needed to have the words to express his feelings. Finding books on feeling was a bit of a challenge though. I did find two gems at the library. L is for loving is a nice alphabet book that is very age appropriate and the other book was more appropriate for Princess. It was a great book that opened discussion about feelings. I did find a feelings lapbook appropriate for Big Boy here. It is basic and perfect for a 3 year old, but on the easy end for a five year old.

Also, I can't remember if I mentioned the Fairy houses books by Tracy Kane, they are great! Princess is enjoying reading the books and coloring the fairies you can print from the website. Here's a picture of her coloring...

And what Ff week would it be without making our very own fairy house? Princess got this kit for her birthday and we saved it until this week.
My only beef about this product is that the paint provided only covers the leaves on the front of the house. I did have to mix a few paints we have on hand for Princess to finish the whole house.

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