Monday, January 24, 2011

Hh week

H is for St. Helen

H is for Helpful

H is for Homes Homes Around The World ABC: An Alphabet Book (A+ Books)

H is for Little House

I found most of the My First Little House illustrated picture books for a steal at Goodwill. Princess has really taken a liking for Laura and all her adventures in the Big Woods and the Prairie. We supplemented using this lapbook from Lapbook Lessons.

And I'm personally proud of myself for incorporating food with the stories. We used My Little House Cookbook and had many Little House meals. Princess felt such a sense of accomplishment as she did most of the cooking.
Making homemade butter
Little House Menu


Turkey Sausage

Strawberry Jam

Fresh squeezed lemonade

Hh is for History

This week we introduced the concept of history. We will complete one lesson a week using Mary Daly's First timeline paired with some excellent read alouds. I hope to include our history journey in separate posts in the coming months. Seriously, is you are looking for a basic timeline history designed for kindergarten-second graders, this is the timeline. It even includes copy work for each person or event on the timeline.

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Erin said...

I am planning on getting that timeline to use nest year - glad to hear that you like it!

Your homemade Little House foods sound yummy!!!