Friday, February 5, 2010

Jj week

Jj is for Saint Joseph,
Jasmine,Jewelry, Jam! We made Jewelry!  This was a kit from Oriental Trading I had sitting around for a while.  They are Guardian Angel necklaces.  If we had more time we would've made some jewelry using this idea from Catholic Icing.  And what's the point of having all this wonderful new jewelry without a place to put it?  Princess' Auntie gave her this do it yourself jewelry box set for Christmas and it seemed like the perfect time to work on it don't you think?
Jj week was a busy week for us.  We read the The Giant Jam Sandwich and completed the corresponding lapbook and activities at
We also made homemade jam and we baked our own bread using the recipe provided at homeschoolshare.  For lunch we had many jam sandwiches.

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