Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Out of the mouths of our babes...

At our castle we are soon to be expecting child number three. Aside from the usual nesting and gathering all the baby gear from the attic, there's also preparing the prince and princess for our newest arrival. We've been working on a big sister and big brother lap book from this site. The kiddos are really enjoying this a lot.

Tonight, princess, who is soon to be five years old, asked to look at pictures of when her and her brother were born. I pulled out their scrapbooks and took a walk down memory lane with them. Before heading out to the hospital to deliver each kiddo I have a side profile of my very round belly. When princess saw this particular picture, she squealed with glee and exclaimed, "Mommy your tummy looks like a big scoop of ice cream!"

And later when we were going through the bedtime routine, prince, who is two and half years old, took one look at me and his eyes grew big and round. He said with great emphasis, "Whoa! Big Mama!"

Perhaps I should discuss proper pregnancy commentary etiquette with my kids instead...LOL!

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