Sunday, March 22, 2009

American Girl Doll Party on a Shoestring Budget

Instead of going to the American Girl Doll store to have a tea party, which can run one a whole lot of money. And when you have a bunch of kids under the age of 5 who want to have a tea party at the American Girl Doll store, what do you do? You have the party at home. That's exactly what we did one cold February day. We called up a few of princess' friends and invited them over for a tea party with their dolls. The kids enjoyed sipping hot cocoa from plastic tea cups and playing dolls. We used fancy napkins and decorated our own place mats and enjoyed pb and j sandwiches cut in fourths. At the end of the day we handed out goodie bags and everyone went home having had a great time.

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mel said...

Great idea! And she'll remember it forever.

FWIW, the worst birthday party Maria had was the most expensive. For her 6th birthday, we had this huge "giant pizza video game chain with the mouse" (protecting your blog from googlers, hehe), and it went so badly, so not worth the money.