Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Were you expecting a sandy beach? Ha! Far from it! After reading Aloha Kanani, Princess wanted to learn more about Hawaii. Actually, she wanted to travel there, however, seeing as a trip to Hawaii would cost close to $10, 000, we opted to bring a bit of paradise to our house via some excellent books.
Sensory Bin Fun
Brown beans for sand
Seashells for scooping the bean sand
The blue gems have aquatic toob animals hidden waiting for discovery
Palm trees from our printable nativity set
Volcano, complete with lava
With leis purchased from the Dollar Store, the kids strung together leis for Princess' Dolls. This was a cheap and easy handicraft. Also, purchased from the Dollar store were mini wooden surf boards. The kids designed their own and Princess gave hers to her American Girl Doll.
We completed a lap book using components from HomeschoolShare using both American Girl Doll templates and various components from their volcanoes unit study.

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mel said...

How fun! I love the sensory bin, especially the volcano. :) I am with her, let's go to Hawaii.