Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cc Week

Cc is for Saint Cecilia, Compassion, Church, Corduroy, Curious, Chocolate, and Coral Reefs
Big Boy's copywork using Do-A-Dot ABC's, Numbers & Shapes
Cc is for Compassion
Princess' copywork and compassion color sheet.

Cc is for Church
After reading A Peek into My Church we took a tour of our chuch and drew what we see in our own church. We also read The Clown of God

Cc is for Corduroy and Curious
Especially for Big Boy we read Corduroy and completed components from homeschoolshare's lapbook.

Cc is for Chocolate...Yummy!!!
Our Reading basket included...Mercedes and the Chocolate Pilot
How Is Chocolate Made?
Cocoa Ice
The M&M's Brand Counting Book
The M & M's Subtraction Book
And completed homeschoolshare's chocolate lapbook. Lastly, we baked chocolate chip cookies.

Cc is for Coral Reefs
Over in the Ocean: In a Coral Reef
Underwater Counting: Even Numbers
Old Shell, New Shell


Erin said...

Ooh, chocolate for C week - what a great idea!! Is the Peek into my Church book really good? I have seen it before and wondered about it...

Tiny Actions said...

We all loved the chocolate theme for this week--especially Big Boy my resident chocoholic! I picked the Peek into my Church up at a used book sale for like ten cents. It isn't one that I'd pay full price for, but it's a nice way in "story" form to give a tour of the church.

mel said...

oh my goodness. I am just getting ready to start c . You and Erin are leaving me in the dust. Thanks for the link to the dotty letters and numbers, those would be great for Jack...he still can't write really.

Tiny Actions said...

I don't have two olders that I'm teaching. Princess is the only official schooling child in my house. We're also planning on taking 6 weeks off of the alphabet path between advent and the new year. I'm hoping to finish up with Gg week and then pick it back up in January.